What kind of maintenance does an electric car need

Electric cars have become more and more popular over the years. Especially nowadays, most car brands are developing or already have an electric car option. Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and accessible. We are also pleased to see the different sizes and price range that is available.

But what does an electric vehicle need in term of maintenance? Electric cars have actually fewer moving part compared to other internal combustion engines. Which in return means that electric car have fewer components in need of regular checkups and repairs.

Here are the components to look out for regularly:

Monitor the battery

The batter takes the most space under the hood in an electric car. Like any electric device, you will be able to cover a lot of mileage under a single battery charge. But as time passes by, the battery will eventually hold less charge. Which means it might take a couple battery chargers to cover the millage you once did in one charge.

The battery usually has a few years warranty, varying from car brands. You will have two options when the battery is no longer working. Return the car to the dealership or find a specialty shop that can replace the battery.

The brake system

The brakes on an electric vehicle works in a very different way, known as the regenerative brake system. It’s essentially a process that involves utilizing energy from the parts stored in the battery system. This means the rotors and pads are limited and will last longer, even twice as long. But it is important to have them checked regularly, especially if it is used in areas where there is a lot of snow and road salt is used for winter road maintenance, also it is good to check your owners manual for more information and familiarize yourself with al manufacture recommendations.

Update the software

Electric cars have a few regular software updates, and it is essential to keep up to date with them. These updates will ensure that the vehicles runs smoothly.

Check tires

Tires as we know them evolved greatly over the years with a lot more science and technology involved it is critical to instal correct tire size and specification in order to maintain proper handling and safety of your car, tire lifespan is 6 years regardless of tread wear.

Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, checking tires is an essential part to any car. Checking tires regularly will be beneficial in the long term to not replacing them too often. Also, checking the tires will provide a better drive overall, and most importantly a safe drive. We recommend to align your wheels every 6-12 months for tire longevity.

Electric car fluids

As we mentioned earlier, electric cars have hefty batteries that cannot be overheated or underheated. To prevent that from happening, it’s essential to manage the liquid thermal management system. Regular checks to replace the coolant is very important, take a look at your owner’s manual for more specific details.

Let’s not forget about the break builds and windshield wiper fluid. These fluids require the same attention as any type of vehicle.

Replace cabin air filter

It’s important to change the cabin filter every 30K or so to prevent in car pollution. Driving an electric car is reducing the pollution all around, so it is important to take actions to prevent pollution in your vehicle. It is a very affordable and simple way to stay healthy while driving!

At Peter’s Auto Centre we provide car diagnostic testing and repair on the following:

– Safety systems, including airbags

– ABS systems

– Transmission Systems

– Electric power steering or hybrid vehicles

– Air Suspension

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