Car Oil Change and Filter Replacement

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Regular oil changes are required to keep your car’s engine performing at its best. You’ll benefit from improved gas mileage and longer engine life.

A car oil change involves replacing the oil filter and engine oil with new regular oil, new semi-synthetic oil or new synthetic oil for superior performance and extended changing intervals. You’ll have many options to choose from that will fit your specific needs.

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You should know that we are only using premium new oils and lubricants. This means that your car’s health is never compromised. To keep your car in the best shape possible we also use factory scheduled maintenance interval.

Your car warranty is important to us and we are qualified to perform maintenance on vehicles under factory warranty giving you peace of mind.

We take pride in servicing your vehicle the right way every time by using premium oil filters, that are built to perform under the most sever service conditions.

Keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent many problems by bringing your car in for an oil change at Peter’s Auto Centre.

Our Oil Change Service Includes:

  • Many premium oils to choose from
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Lubrication of all fittings
  • Filling and topping-off of all fluids
  • Air filter checked
  • Engine inspected for leaks
  • All belts and hoses checked
  • Tire pressure checked
  • Entire undercarriage inspection

By now you understand that a regular oil change is important for a cleaner engine, longer engine life, lower vehicle emissions, better gas mileage and better engine performance.

You might be wondering how often should I have my oil changed? First check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations since each car is different. As a general rule most vehicles require an oil change every three months or 4,800 km. But this also depends on what type of oil you use.

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Excellent Care

If you are looking for service, care, advise, smiles, honesty, friendly environment and that personal touch then take all your car needs to Peter. We bought a car last fall and the service was exceptional. Now we take all our car repairs to Peter and his team. I don’t cringe every time the car needs repairs, I know I can trust the gang. thanks Fiona

Fiona Apperson

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

Always great service

In my opinion Peter deserves more than 5 stars. I’m his customer for 16 years now and every and each time I go there, he impresses me in different positive ways. He has patience to listen and explain everything to his customers and he treats people with lots of kindness and respect. I was asking myself many times how can he be so kind to everyone when others are not ? Simple: kindness is the word to describe Peter. Beside that, he is honest, very well trained and skilled in what he is doing. I wish all the business men to be the same as he is!


5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

Mercedes Power Steering Pump Leak

Have never wanted to leave feed back for any business until I dealt with Peter!! When you have what’s viewed as a prestige car, Mercedes, most garages wont touch it, or will take advantage., gouge you financially. Peter is a straight forward, honest guy to deal with, that will answer everything you ask. The way it should be. All praise


5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

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