What causes poor fuel economy?

There are a few causes that affect the fuel economy of your vehicle, some that may appear on the dashboard and some that may not. Paying attention to your fuel economy is essential. If you notice a big drop in the mileage, it’s probably best to get your vehicle checked. Here are a few of the potential lead to poor fuel economy.

Driving style

First of all and the most common one is your driving style. The way you drive can be your biggest fuel economy or the biggest waste of fuel, that is entirely up to you. Driving in an aggressive manner is definitely not beneficial to your vehicle, yourself or anyone around. A relaxed and attentive driving style is recommended to stay safe on the road and it will also be the most significant way to maximize your fuel economy.

Oxygen Sensors

Sluggish sensors is a common cause for poor fuel economy and here’s how. The oxygen sensors of your vehicle monitors the fuel and air mixture. They help regulate the powertrain control module so it can add or withhold fuel that supports the unstable operating circumstances. Over time the oxygen sensors become less active to the adjustments in the fuel and air mixture. That lets the engine know to add extra fuel when it really doesn’t need any extra fuel. If your car has over 100,00 km it might be a good idea to replace sensors if you notice gradual drops in your mileage. Contact us today for more information.

Coolant Sensors

To prevent engine from stalling, a rich mixture of fuel is needed while a cold engine is warming up. Coolant sensors become a fuel economy issue when the mixture stays rich while your vehicle’s engine is warm. This means the vehicle is wasting fuel.

Weight of the car

To achieve maximum fuel economy, leave behind unnecessary weight that you may have laying around in your vehicle. The more weight the car has to drive around, the less fuel economy you can attain.

Engine Misfire

Engine misfire will waste a ton of fuel and is a big cause of fuel economy. Misfires can happen, usually they are caused by ignition issues like fouled or worn out plugs, weak ignition coils, poor plug wires. Misfires can also happen due to defective or dirty fuel injectors, vacuum leaks, low fuel pressure or trouble of compression in one or more cylinders. When a misfire occurs, the check engine light usually turns on so you will know when it happens. If you had a engine misfire, contact us today and we are more than happy to serve you.

Intake Manifold

Your vehicle’s engine can misfire due to a vacuum leak located at the intake manifold gasket, which results in poor fuel economy. Checking for vacuum leaks is important, you can typically find vacuum leaks by spraying throttle cleaner on the side of the intake manifold. Do this while the engine is idling. If you notice the idle suddenly change, this means the cleaner is pulled into the engine through a leak. To fix this issue, it’s important to replacing the intake manifold or the manifold itself if it is damage.

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