Common signs of a low or dead battery + Hack that will make your battery last longer

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Ever had a late start to your very busy day? When you finally get everyone outside and ready to go, your vehicle won’t start? In this article we’ll cover a few signs that indicate your battery isn’t working properly.

Engine won’t start

The most common sign customer’s experience is their engine won’t start. Majority of the time when the engine won’t start is because of the battery, time to take out your jumper cables out and proceed with caution.

No/Low Accessory Power

If the interior lights, headlight or radio won’t turn on, that’s another sign of a dead battery. But if these elements appear to have a dim light that means your car’s battery is weak and not entirely dead. Make sure to schedule a car battery inspection with us before your battery gives out completely and we’ll get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Battery Hack – Make your car’s battery last longer

A general issue many customers experience while washing their car is not starting the engine and playing the radio. Some also leave the vehicle’s fans on with engine off engine not which only consumes the battery even more. We suggest turning your car’s radio on but not shutting off your engine, This simple hack will help your battery last longer, effortlessly.

Odd Smells Under The Hood

A vehicle’s battery tend to smell like rotten eggs once it’s been overcharged or frozen. Which means the sulphuric acid is overheating and emitting gasses that are toxic to your health and if acid spills out the fluid level in the battery goes too low can start affecting the battery condition and other parts of your car and generating corrosion wherever the acidic fluid spreads.

Check Engine Light or Warning Light

Occasionally, the engine light or the battery shaped light will suggest the state of your battery is low or the engine will turn very slowly at cold start. Sometimes the light has nothing to do with your battery itself but with the charging system. If any of these two light come on, contact us and we’ll make sure to take care of your vehicle’s needs quickly. To learn more about the engine light meaning, click here.

Aged Battery

Old age is a natural process for the battery to weaken over time and slowly start losing its capacity. The average battery last from five to seven years, depending on various conditions and uses. You might notice signs such as the battery will be so low it can’t hold a charge properly, the engine turns on slower or even when the battery indicates it’s fully charged it sounds exhausted.

These are a few signs of a dead or exhausted battery and occasionally signs that indicates issues with the charging system. The charging system is just as important since one cannot be without the other. If you experiment any of these signs, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you as quickly as possible. We are proud to service our customers with experts and advanced technology for best results.

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