Get you Oil Change in Time and Avoid Car Damage

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Changing your oil regularly isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential to the function and efficiency of your motor. Failing to observe car oil changes every few months or 10,000 to 15,000 kms, depending on the make and model of your car, will compromise engine function and fuel efficiency.

Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations for your car or check in with your mechanic. The type of car your drive, your driving habits (highway or street kms) and driving frequency will also determine how often your oil should be changed.

Failing to observe routine auto oil changes or using the wrong oil for your car can do serious damage. Here’s Why:

Oil Stress

The oil circulating through your engine is constantly exposed to high-heat and this begins to break down the oil overtime. So, even though your dip stick may still show your oil levels as adequate, the quality of the oil may have diminished so it no longer serves as a good lubricant. Eventually, engine parts may start to rub against each other which can cause parts to wear down more quickly and lead to a shorter engine lifespan altogether.

Dirt and gunk

Once oil begins to break down and its ability to lubricate has been compromised, it will begin to get gunked up from the corrosion that erodes from engine parts. In addition to worsening the friction between engine parts, this gunk is a hazard on its own because it builds up in the oil and heats up. When your engine heats up beyond the norm, serious and expensive engine damage can occur.


The same corrosion we mentioned above will now be floating through your engine parts. It begins to accumulate additional debris, like water, dust and dirt. Even minuscule amounts of debris in your oil can cause problems. Corrosion is the enemy of metals.

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Clogged filters

Ever noticed that mechanics are always concerned about your filters? This is because the filters work to keep sludge, corrosive particles, etc., out of your engine. If you don’t maintain a regular schedule of oil changes, your filter gets clogged. This means all that debris is free to roam and, in the meantime, the blocked filter prevents adequate amounts of oil from getting through your engine. Bad news!

Undetected leaks

Sometimes, cars develop gasoline or coolant leaks and these fluids get into the oil. In many cases, this won’t be detected until you have your car oil changed or something goes really wrong. It’s better for you if it’s detected during an oil change.

Ready to Get Your Oil Changed?

Use the Best Oil For Your Engine. Not all motor oils are created equal. There are three different types of engine oil:

Mineral Oil

This type is the most basic and is made from refined crude oil. It works fine for the average car but it isn’t as good for your engine as synthetic blends or purely synthetic oils so consider getting your oil changed more often if you go this route.

Synthetic Blend Oils

These oils are made in a lab and include a blend of mineral oil. They’re designed for older or high performance engines. For example, your new Ford may not need it but your classic Corvette will definitely benefit. Synthetic blends are more costly but they offer longer life and better lubrication.

Fully synthetic oils

These oils contain no mineral oils and are usually used in industrial applications, although some car aficionados may choose to use them as they are the highest-quality motor oil on the market. Predictably, they are also the most expensive.

Has getting an auto oil change been shoved down on your “list of things to do” lately? Don’t neglect one of the simplest car maintenance actions you can take. Schedule a motor oil change with us and we’ll let you know what type of oil you should use as well as how often it makes sense for your oil to be changed. Your car’s performance and longevity is our priority.

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