Fun Fact: Did you know horses and horsepower have a lot in common?

We are all familiar with the term horsepower, whether we heard it from car enthusiast to mechanics. Horsepower has always been a term to communicate how impressive a vehicle is, specifically the engine! Car enthusiasts around the globe enjoy horsepower and want more of it! But ever wondered where the term actually come from?

Where does the term Horsepower come from?

This metric system was created by James Watt and the term horsepower comes from the actual power of horses. Back in the day, horses were the most common way of travel. Whether is was by riding the actual horse to having the horses pull a carriage or wagon. Horses were a very necessary and essential tool of transportation that many would use.

Did you know driving a car was better for the environment?

As a matter of fact, due to horses being the main source of transportation, their poop caused too much pollution for the environment. Vehicle were considered the green alternative of transportation compared to horses once they were invented.

The first steam engine was created in 1763 by James Watt

Due to horse requiring a lot of maintenance in order to stay in top shape and causing too much pollution, many curious minds started making the connection from horses to more efficient ways of transportation.

The very first steam engine was invented by James Watt in 1763. This steam engine was specifically designed for miners and farmers to create a more efficient way for their work and reduce pollution. But how does one explain that this alternative way of travel is actually efficient in the 1760’s?

James Watt created a metric system that proved one steam engine could be compared to the power of multiple horses. It was a metric system that measured the power and strength of one single horse. His calculations showed that one horse could carry 33,000 foot-pounds per minute. His conclusion officially became a unit of measurement in 1960.

How do we calculate horsepower?

In today’s age, we use the term horsepower to determine the extent an engine can perform, which rates the power increase of the engine that generates torque and rpm. The manufacturer’s horsepower calculation will vary depending on the country. Different countries use different metric systems or standard units. For example, Europe tends to use kilograms of force per meters as opposed to the United States that use pounds of force per foot.

The dynamometer is another factor. It’s an instrument that measures the power output of the engine. The results of the readings will vary depending on a few elements such as the restricted exhaust or the open exhaust etc. Many manufacturers claim different numbers on for their vehicles, engines that are “SAE” certified ensures the car manufacturer is selling what they are clamming, this certification process is done by a third party.

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