Simple ways to detail your car yourself and general maintenance

Many of us have admitted to being clean freaks, but when it comes to the car…It’s a complete different story. For some reasons the interior/exterior of cars are being overlooked since it always gets messy. And let’s be honest, it really does seem to always get messy. Which is why doing a “deep clean” every few months will actually keep your car clean for longer.

Below you will find simple steps to detail your vehicle like a pro, at the comfort of your own home. We simplified these steps in order for this whole process to be achievable.

Air compressor

To remove dust, use an air compressor for the interior of the car, such as buttons, interior doors etc.


Next, vacuum your vehicle. Take out the floor mats and vacuum them separately. Leave the mats outside as we’ll be washing them a little later on.

Clean carpet and upholstery

We recently purchased a carpet cleaner, it’s a little machine that can easily be moved around. Which is very convenient when cleaning the interior of the car. The machine we ended up buying is called the “Little green machine” by Bissell, so far so good! Since we were doing this ourselves, we we’re looking for a machine that is easy to use and that actually takes the stains and dirt out of the carpet and seats. Once you have a carpet shampooer, start cleaning the carpet and upholstery of your vehicle. We typically do this on a hot summer’s day where we know the car will be able to dry out. It’s not ideal to wash the car and leave it to air dry in cool air, that may create mold! If you are able to remove the seats of your car, do so. It’s much easier to clean them.

Wash floor mats

Now that the interior of the car is clean, it’s time to give the floor mats a little wash. If you have mats made of carpet, use the shampooer to clean them. If you have rubber floor mats, wash them with the water hose. Again, pick a warm day to do these steps and leave the floor mats outside to dry out until you are completely done with the whole car.

Clean interior surface

Use an multi-purpose cleaner to wash all the surface of the car interior. We like to use a microfibre towel when cleaning any surface.

Clean glass

It’s very important to clean the interior and exterior glass of your car. Again, use a microfibre towel and a spray glass cleaner combo.

That’s it! Sounds like a lot of work, but once you get somewhat therapeutical. Especially if you’re a clean freak!

Car maintenance

There are a few things your owner’s manual will specify to do, it’s good to keep up with them. Keeping the maintenance up is key for a car in stay top condition. For example, it’s essential to change your oil every thousand km’s (each car is different). Checking the pressure tire is also very important and can make a world of difference when driving and so on. We have many years of experience and would be happy to help you maintain your vehicle, feel welcome to call and book an appointment at (519) 578-4533.

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