Must do car check-ups to keep you safe on the road!


Safety is a high priority for most drivers and it can be a very complex subject! In this article, we’ll share our advice on how to keep your car in top shape while staying safe on the road! We’ll talk about oil change, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and battery.

Oil Change:

We always recommend an oil change sooner than later. Because of the build up in the engine, resulting in extensive and very costly engine repairs! So the longer you wait the more expensive it becomes. This can be prevented by doing an auto check up every 3 months or so. It all depends on your driving habits. Below is a good rule of thumb to follow.

We recommend both oil changes:

5,000 KMS or 3 months for regular oil change
8,000 to 10,000 KMS for synthetic oil changes.

Despite the fact that high-end car manufacturers have the extended oil change interval between 15,000 to 20,000 KMS. We personally recommend reducing the interval between 8,000 to 10,000 KMS.

Simply because of the reason we mentioned earlier, too much carbondale and sludge build up in the engine. It will result in a long and very expensive engine repair to remove the crude and carbon accumulated inside the engine, also oil dilution, and condensation takes place from start and stop, on vehicles that do not drive a lot or city vehicles.

Our team at Peter’s Auto Centre advise strictly the recommended oil grade, viscosity and specifications recommended for each particular vehicle brand. We do not believe in the “one size fits all” or “oil is oil, so it should work”. There are numerous science researches done on this specific topic at the manufacture level, we respect and trust their results and recommendations!

Power steering fluid:

Power steering fluid is the cheapest element of your power-steering system! Changing it in time will help extend the life of other, more costly power-steering elements. The reason it’s important to change this fluid is because of the seals! Over time they break apart and they pollute the fluid, which forces it to work a lot harder and it eventually breaks down.

Transmission Fluid:

Transmission fluid provides lubrication, cooling, and thrust, for all the moving parts inside your transmission. The fluid forwards power from the engine, to the wheels. Whether you have a manual or automatic vehicle, the transmission fluid will keep your transmission cool and lubricated. If it’s not changed, the fluid will get old and will increase the wear and tear on the transmission. Changing the transmission fluid will help keep your car on the road longer!


Without a battery, most vehicles won’t start. Maintaining a battery is simple. Make sure you have a clean connection so the battery can provide power to your vehicle. Also keep your battery clean, especially around the connections. Some cars start having battery issues just because of the corrosion that accumulates on the battery terminals! Another very important part of maintaining your car battery is making sure it’s fully charged but not overcharged! A battery that is overcharged will loose efficiency and will start causing problems, the overcharging is caused by a defective alternator.

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If you are looking for service, care, advise, smiles, honesty, friendly environment and that personal touch then take all your car needs to Peter. We bought a car last fall and the service was exceptional. Now we take all our car repairs to Peter and his team. I don’t cringe every time the car needs repairs, I know I can trust the gang. thanks Fiona

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Always great service

In my opinion Peter deserves more than 5 stars. I’m his customer for 16 years now and every and each time I go there, he impresses me in different positive ways. He has patience to listen and explain everything to his customers and he treats people with lots of kindness and respect. I was asking myself many times how can he be so kind to everyone when others are not ? Simple: kindness is the word to describe Peter. Beside that, he is honest, very well trained and skilled in what he is doing. I wish all the business men to be the same as he is!


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Mercedes Power Steering Pump Leak

Have never wanted to leave feed back for any business until I dealt with Peter!! When you have what’s viewed as a prestige car, Mercedes, most garages wont touch it, or will take advantage., gouge you financially. Peter is a straight forward, honest guy to deal with, that will answer everything you ask. The way it should be. All praise


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