Benefits Of A Car Realignment

Did you know that most cars get out of alignment overtime, due to everyday driving? Out-of-alignment refers to the car’s suspension, which means suspensions get worn out overtime and its springs stretch out. Road conditions can be tricky, so being in an accident or even bumping into a curb will often disrupt the alignment of your car. Affecting the high caliber elements and making the wheels sit at an incorrect angle. This is why it’s important to get an alignment done by professionals. To reinstate these angles to their correct measurements, which in turn will make your wheel sit straight.

Do I need an alignment done?

How can you tell if your car is out of alignment? When driving on a straight road, pay attention to the wheel. Is the wheel centered? Or is your car drifting from side to side while driving straight. If you notice the wheel isn’t centered, call us today at (519) 578-4533. We are happy to help with any car issues you may experience.

Benefits from an alignment.

The most obvious benefit from an alignment is going to be the tire wear. When a vehicle is aligned properly, the tires will wear out evenly and provide a safer drive overall. You’ll have better control over your car, a smoother drive and it will ensure your car drives straight. Because your tires are going to be aligned properly, you’ll notice a decrease in resistance which provides better gas mileage.

What’s the process like?

In order to make sure the suspensions are in their proper configuration, we’ll need to position and adjust elements to ensure everything aligns properly. This is an elaborate process that aligns all components with one another. Our team of professionals are qualified mechanics that are ready to help with our brand new, top of the line alignment machine! Contact us today at (519) 578-4533 to make an appointment. Or contact us through this online form here.

How often should I get an alignment?

This will vary depending on how much you drive and on road conditions. Alignment issues aren’t always obvious, so having a routine check once or twice a year is always a good idea, especially for everyday drivers. We especially advise an alignment check if you’ve noticed uneven tire wear or after a significant impact. Please check your owners manual for more detailed information.

Our recommendation

To make the most of your tires, we recommend getting an alignment done after the installation of new tires. To learn more about our tire services, please click here. We offer tire installation services here in Kitchener Ontario, as well as tire balancing and rotation.

If you have any questions or concerns with your vehicle, feel free to contact us at (519) 578-4533. Our team will be happy to help! If you’d like to keep up with car news in Canada, follow us on facebook here. Drop us a comment and let us know which car launch you’re excited for 2021! In the meantime, keep safe on the road Kitchener!

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If you are looking for service, care, advise, smiles, honesty, friendly environment and that personal touch then take all your car needs to Peter. We bought a car last fall and the service was exceptional. Now we take all our car repairs to Peter and his team. I don’t cringe every time the car needs repairs, I know I can trust the gang. thanks Fiona

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In my opinion Peter deserves more than 5 stars. I’m his customer for 16 years now and every and each time I go there, he impresses me in different positive ways. He has patience to listen and explain everything to his customers and he treats people with lots of kindness and respect. I was asking myself many times how can he be so kind to everyone when others are not ? Simple: kindness is the word to describe Peter. Beside that, he is honest, very well trained and skilled in what he is doing. I wish all the business men to be the same as he is!


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Mercedes Power Steering Pump Leak

Have never wanted to leave feed back for any business until I dealt with Peter!! When you have what’s viewed as a prestige car, Mercedes, most garages wont touch it, or will take advantage., gouge you financially. Peter is a straight forward, honest guy to deal with, that will answer everything you ask. The way it should be. All praise


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