Avoid a rear-end collision by keeping a safe driving distance!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers who fail to keep a safe driving distance between the car ahead are the leading cause of rear-end collisions. These types of accidents can easily be prevented by maintaining a safety distance while driving.

Maintain a Safe Driving Distance

Paying close attention to driving habits is very beneficial to avoid accidents on the road. In addition, maintaining a safe distance while driving will allow the driver to have enough reaction time to maneuver the vehicle and to reduce their speed. All drivers are advised to keep a safe distance between the car ahead, regardless of the driving experience. The driver ahead can be one with very little experience.

The safe following distance will always vary depending on a few factors such as, the vehicle type that is ahead of you. For instance, if driving behind a semi-trailer truck, it’s important to increase the driving distance. This also applies to road and weather conditions. We often had to drive through heavy fog, rain storms or snowy roads. Due to these weather conditions, we recommend increasing the distance between the car ahead. Especially when the weather causes slippery roads or limited visibility ahead. Practising these safety habits will allow more reaction time.

Leave the Phone Alone

Another very important safety habit to keep in mind is avoiding to multitask. Over the years, drivers who are constantly distracted due to multitasking have gotten in horrible collisions or sadly, fatal accidents. Not to mention that many distracted drivers affected other drivers in accidents. Texting while driving, eating or talking on the phone are just a few habits that should be completely avoided while driving. Not paying attention to the road will significantly affect the reaction time and can cause accidents. The road is not a place to multitask and to be distracted. This will harm you and others on the road. The simplest way of avoiding accidents is by driving safely and being attentive.

Stay Calm and Collected

Another important factor when driving is to stay calm. We’ve all experienced road rage and it’s never a good outcome. Aggressive driving only makes things worse for everyone and is very dangerous! When angry, many drivers tend to drive closely to the car ahead. This is a horrible habit that will only increase the risk for accidents or collisions. Avoiding road rage is beneficial to everyone and you can never go wrong by being calm and safe on the road.

These simple driving habits can make such a difference on the road. Every driver can use these important reminders, including us! We value road safety and we especially find it important to bringing awareness to being attentive on the road. We encourage you to share this article with your friends and family. Let us know your thoughts and stories on how your driving habits have helped you stay safe on the road by connecting with us on Facebook, click here.

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