An auto suspension repair might be necessary if you feel sick when driving


Are you feeling sick when driving your car, even if you’re never affected in other people’s vehicles? Do you have a child who seems particularly sensitive to motion sickness when he or she is driving in your vehicle? If so, your car may need auto suspension repair.

The average driver doesn’t think too much shocks or struts, but after years of supporting the heavy body of your vehicle, suspension system begins to wear out, making your ride a bit of a nightmare. When your auto suspension is out of whack, it can have a variety of effects on the way your car handles the road, many of which aren’t pleasant.

Schedule an appointment to have your car looked at by a licensed mechanic if you notice any of the following:

1. The ride is noticeably rougher

Remember when you first bought your car? The ride was so nice and smooth. Now, you may have the feeling you’re auditioning for the next Indiana Jones movie. Since shocks can wear out over time, you may have become desensitized to the breakdown of your car’s suspension.

If you can feel every grain of sand on the road, your shocks should be examined.

2. She’s pulling left when we’re going right!

Does it feel like you and your car are battling for control when you’re taking a curve in the road?

When you need your suspension repaired, the shocks will no longer be able to keep your vehicle’s body stable against centrifugal force. This means your car will be going the opposite way you want to turn, and that’s not safe for anyone.

3. Delayed stops

Have you ever noticed the nose of your car taking a dip or lurching forward when you come to a complete stop? That’s another sign you need to have your shocks repaired.

In fact, worn down suspension can increase the time it takes you to stop by as much as 20%. That’s pretty dangerous when stopping is a matter of avoiding an accident or not.

4. Your tire treads are uneven

auto-suspension-repair If your tires are being rotated as per manufacturer’s instructions, they should wear down evenly. However, a suspension system in need of repairs will cause tire treads to wear unevenly, or cause random bald patches.

Give your tires the visual once-over and take your car to your trusted mechanic if you see signs of uneven wear and tear.

5. Your car failed the “bounce test”

When your car is parked and turned off, give it the good old fashioned “bounce test.”

Go to the front end of the car and push down on the bumper with all your weight, bounce if a few times and then release. Do the same on the back end. If it bounces more than two or three times, your shocks are probably shot.

There’s no reason to keep airplane sick bags at the ready. Tell your passengers to breathe deep because you’re heading on over to Peter’s Auto Centre. We can tell you right away whether your car is in need of auto suspension repair and we’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible so you can enjoy smoother roads ahead!

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If you are looking for service, care, advise, smiles, honesty, friendly environment and that personal touch then take all your car needs to Peter. We bought a car last fall and the service was exceptional. Now we take all our car repairs to Peter and his team. I don’t cringe every time the car needs repairs, I know I can trust the gang. thanks Fiona

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In my opinion Peter deserves more than 5 stars. I’m his customer for 16 years now and every and each time I go there, he impresses me in different positive ways. He has patience to listen and explain everything to his customers and he treats people with lots of kindness and respect. I was asking myself many times how can he be so kind to everyone when others are not ? Simple: kindness is the word to describe Peter. Beside that, he is honest, very well trained and skilled in what he is doing. I wish all the business men to be the same as he is!


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Mercedes Power Steering Pump Leak

Have never wanted to leave feed back for any business until I dealt with Peter!! When you have what’s viewed as a prestige car, Mercedes, most garages wont touch it, or will take advantage., gouge you financially. Peter is a straight forward, honest guy to deal with, that will answer everything you ask. The way it should be. All praise


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