7 tips to keep your family safe on the road


When most of us get behind the wheel to commute to work, run errands, or schlep the kids from one practice and rehearsal to another, we hardly give safety a second thought.

Driving becomes such a rote daily experience that it’s easy to forget how vulnerable you and your family really are inside your vehicles. That’s especially true given that today’s speed limits are faster than ever before.

How to Keep your Family Safe While Driving

While modern vehicles are decked out with incredible safety mechanisms, it’s important to pay attention to both your car and your driving habits to ensure you and your family arrive at your destination safely – each and every time.

1. Avoid distracted driving

Did you know distracted drivers are three-times more likely to be involved in a crash? And, not surprisingly, “Drivers engaged in text messaging on a cellular phone are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near crash event compared with non-distracted drivers.” Children are four times more distracting than adult passengers (that’s no surprise either, eh?).

The more you can do to keep your mind sharp and focused, the safer you , your passengers your road mates will be. You can read more distracted driving statistics on www.distracteddriving.caa.ca/education/

2. Observe your vehicles’ recommended maintenance appointments

When your car breaks down, you leave yourself and your passengers vulnerable on the side of the road. Observing your vehicle’s maintenance appointments is your best means of preventing mechanical failures that lead to breakdowns.

3. Keep an eye on tire treads

re your tires looking a little worse for the wear? Replace them. Bald tires do not hug the road the way they should, making it more difficult to stop suddenly and leaving your car more susceptible to accidents during slippery road conditions. Worn tires can also cause tire blowouts, especially dangerous when you are driving at higher speeds or on curvy or mountainous roads.

car-maintenance4. Have your brakes inspected

Being able to stop at a moment’s notice is imperative when it comes to automobile safety, and that requires a well-functioning brake system. Your brakes will be inspected each time you bring your car in for maintenance or oil changes. Never ignore a professional’s recommendation to replace your brakes, and make sure you replace them with high-quality brake materials.

5. Pay attention to weather warnings

Don’t be cavalier about weather warnings or alerts regarding unsafe driving conditions. It’s easy to take the, “it won’t happen to me…” mentality, but this can be a recipe for disaster for you and your passengers. Consider weather or a road warning as a great excuse to stay home and enjoy a change of pace.

6. Replace windshield wipers as soon as you notice you need them

Windshield wipers don’t seem all that important, really – until you need them. Then, your wipers are the difference between being able to see the road in front of you or not. If your wipers look cracked, worn, corroded or are leaving streaks on your windshield, pull into your favourite mechanic’s shop and have them install a new pair for you.

7. Leave a safe distance between you and other cars

Life seems to move at a hectic pace these days and, in addition to distracted drivers (See #1), this often results in cars driving too close to one another. This leaves no safe space for braking, swerving or finding an escape route if an accident seems eminent. Try to leave at least one car length for every 15 kph between you and the car in front of you.

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