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Peter is one of those rare individual who is willing to go the extra mile for his customers. My wife and I still rave about Peter’s service, yes we rave about our experience buying from Peter, he and Silvia are that good. They built and earned our trust. As anyone who owns a car and know little about them, you know this is something you want in your dealer/mechanic/technician. Prior to Peter I always felt as if I was getting swindled when I needed to take my car into the shop. When I would bring my car to Peter we would chat. He never sold me, or scared me into something. We chatted, he explained and we discussed. He is knowledgeable and able to bring it down to your level. I have since sold the Civic I bought from Peter, and as I told him, when I or anyone in my family needs to buy our next vehicle, we won’t hesitate to drop in to see Peter. Thank you again Peter, We wish you all the best Clif and Kelly, Kitchener Clif K